Places worth visiting around Oasis Resort:


Diveagar is a famous place in Raigad District. A Ganpati idol made of gold was found in this village in 1997 on an auspicious day of Sankashti Chaturthi. The Skyline full of coconut trees, greenery and the nature of this place are all worth enjoying.


Shrivardhan is the main tehsil place of the taluka. It is the native place of the Peshwas who ruled the Maharashtra Kingdom. It has their ancestral house which is now a memorial. Shrivardhan also has the famous "Somhjai Devi Temple".
It is approx. 20 km from Oasis resort.

Hari Hareshwar:

This is a famous pilgrimage place also known as Dakshin (South) Kashi. It has important temples of Kalbhairav (a name of Bhagwan Shankar) Vishnu, Mahesh, Parvati, etc. It has in all 108 tirthsthans.
The temple is quite old and is believed to be built during the era of Peshwas.
It is approx 40 km from Oasis resort.

Fort Of Murud -Janjira:

The historical Sea fort of Murud Janjira is near our place. You can take an exciting boat ride from Dighi Port to reach the fort. It is known as a wonder in the sea. History says that it was never conquered by any outsider.
It is approx. 17 km from Oasis resort.